RailSense is pleased to announce that it has become a member of both the Railway Industry Association (RIA) and Rail Business Daily Community (RBDC).

By joining the RIA and the RBD Community, RailSense will be able to take advantage of the wider range of valuable networking events and services in the rail sector, as well as the profile-raising and business support benefits provided by the RBD Community.

The RIA and RBD Community’s networks have over 500 contacts in the rail industry, and joining them is a great opportunity for RailSense to showcase their technology and build relationships with new customers and partners.

“We are looking forward to sharing with the industry our growing range of sensing products at RIA events and we are really excited to be working with the RIA and RBD Community to continue to develop our presence in the rail market and harness the power of collaboration with members,” said Andy Chick, Managing Director, RailSense.

About RailSense Solutions Ltd.

RailSense Solutions Ltd. supply leading technologies to operators, asset maintenance and infrastructure owners to provide solutions for the condition monitoring and predictive maintenance needs of track and railway infrastructure.

RailSense solutions are used throughout Europe and sit at the heart of infrastructure monitoring, continually measuring and reporting on key infrastructure assets such as track, cabinets, cranes and bridges for parameter changes.


The company was spun out of industrial integration specialists i3 Group. www.i3groupsolutions.com

For further information, please contact Philip Ewen, Marketing Director, [email protected]