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RailSense Solutions secures €180,000 ESA co-funding for ground-breaking Satellite Rail Monitoring Study

March 2024

Emsworth, UK – RailSense Solutions Ltd, innovators of advanced railway safety technologies, is delighted to announce its recent €180,000 innovation support from the European Space Agency (ESA). This prestigious award co-funds a 6-9 month feasibility study for the development of a visionary project poised to harness satellite technology for enhanced railway monitoring.

The product aims to integrate satellite imaging, precise location services, advanced weather data, and communication capabilities to revolutionise rail infrastructure monitoring. This cutting-edge solution is expected to usher in a new era for railway safety and efficiency, particularly for local and regional lines.

The study will explore the practicalities and benefits of autonomous on-board positioning systems, meeting the railway domain’s high demands for availability, reliability, and integrity.

This support from the European Space Agency is a testament to our commitment to pioneering the future of rail safety. The integration of satellite technology represents a huge leap forward for the industry, offering an unprecedented level of track monitoring precision and reliability.”
said Tristan Lloyd-Baker of RailSense Solutions.

The project not only reinforces RailSense’s reputation as an innovator but also aligns with ESA’s mission to apply space-based solutions for the betterment of life on Earth. Through this collaboration, RailSense is set to deliver a prototype that could become a standard for rail networks worldwide, significantly improving the safety and sustainability of rail transport.


About RailSense Solutions Ltd.

RailSense Solutions is a leader in rail safety and infrastructure monitoring, dedicated to developing innovative technologies that enhance the reliability and efficiency of railway operations. With a focus on cutting-edge solutions and sustainability, RailSense is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in rail transport.


For further information, please contact Philip Ewen, Marketing Director, [email protected] 

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