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British Roots, Global Vision: RailSense Solutions Ltd proudly joins Made in Britain

We are delighted to announce our acceptance as members of ‘Made in Britain’, an organisation bringing together the best of the British manufacturing community. 

Made In Britain supports British manufacturers globally and today stands as an influential trade body with close to 2,000 members, working collaboratively with UK trade bodies, UK government departments and the UK media to support skilled jobs, responsible business and sustainable growth.

Our adoption of the official, protected mark will help buyers recognise our products as good quality, great value and British-made.

Being a part of the Made in Britain family also offers us a golden opportunity to tap into a robust network, allowing us to share resources, embark on collaborative ventures, and gain more visibility in our industry. Moreover, our association positions us as a brand that stands for quality, pioneering solutions, and dedication to the UK’s growth story.

In an era marked by a rising emphasis on sustainable manufacturing, our alliance with Made in Britain strengthens our narrative as a progressive and socially responsible entity within the railway sector.

RailSense Solutions Ltd was founded on the pillars of innovation, safety, and efficiency in the railway sector. Our dedicated team constantly strives for advancement, addressing several pivotal challenges in the railway industry. Our goal has always been clear: making railways safer, more efficient, and reliable for all.

As we continue our path to innovate and expand, we remain confident that our partnership with Made in Britain will serve as a hallmark of quality and reliability for our partners, valued customers and broader railway industry.

To find out more about Made In Britain visit their website here.